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11th CrowdCon: Next Level - Expanding the Capital Market Union

Join the 11th Crowdfunding Convention and discover the future of crowdfunding.
The year 2023 will see crowdfunding become a harmonised financial service across the EU. This year’s CrowdCon will consist of two exciting days of workshops, panels, keynote speakers and many networking opportunities:

– Professional Workshop Day – 8 November
– Conference Day – 9 November


The 11th CrowdCon will bring a mix of professional training

and knowledge exchange to the market. We specially designed

the programme to support crowdfunding platforms in

adjusting to the new market realities.


The first day is designed for platforms transitioning from

national regimes toward ECSPR and National Competent

Authorities. It will offer workshops on two key aspects,

indemnity insurance and licensing requirements. 

This is followed by a day of panels, keynote speakers and

relevant policymakers, exploring the convergence of

crowdfunding with capital markets, from Stock Exchanges via

Banking to Crypto Currencies.


Seats are limited. Platforms and NCA that have attended the

Professional Workshop Day will be prioritized for access to the

Conference, as will Eurocrowd members. 


Specialized ECSPR workshops dedicated at crowdfunding platforms and NCA. Open to members and non-members of EUROCROWD.

10.00 Welcome Coffee

11.00 Workshop 1: Indemnity Insurance for ECSPR.

Protean Risk will present its ECSPR-specific insurance product to platform operators in order to gain further feedback on their product development before launching the product. Protean Risk are a Lloyd’s of London Insurance broker that form part of the Howden Group. Protean are specialists in the investment, financial advisor Fintech & Payment Services industries. The company has a rich history of developing new products for their clients. In 2018 Protean developed (what we believe was) the first ‘PSD2 compliant’ insurance policy for companies applying for AISP (Account Information Service Provider) and PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider) regulatory permission.

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Workshop 2: Bringing clarity to confusion – next steps on crowdfunding service provider compliance.

Law firm PwC will provide detailed insights into ECSPR licensing and tax processes within the EU to help identify hurdles and opportunities for platforms not yet in the licensing process.  As ECSPR allows the free choice of home member state, platforms can make use of the most suitable regime within the EU. Given the short time to receive a license, prior to the end of the transition period, with experience from NCA that the process, if well prepared, will still last six months or more, this is a key moment to understand the market.  Participants will also receive a detailed report on each member state prepared by EUROCROWD following the workshop. This will give you additional market introduction, clarity on individual member states licensing and will reduce your need for legal cost later on.

18.00 End – Dinner and drinks

DAY 2: CONFERENCE DAY – 9 November

09.00 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Welcome – Oliver Gajda, Eurocrowd

09.45 Opening – Giacomo Bertoldi, Chair Eurocrowd

10.00 Keynote – Diego Valiante, Senior Officer, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA)

10.15 Panel 1 – ECSPR: From license to implementation

  • Jan Willem Grandia, CFRO, Oneplanetcrowd
  • Marta Lozano, Legal Counsel, Crowdcube
  • Willianne van der Weijde, Legal & Compliance Officer, Lendahand

Moderator: Umberto Piattelli, Partner, LCA Studio Legale

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Keynote –  Burçak İnel, Director of Financing Sustainable Growth, European Banking Federation (EBF)

11.45 Panel 2 – SME lending – Creating synergies with retail and institutional investors

  • Greta Gaumert, CRO & General Counsel, Exporo
  • Christopher Grätz, Founder, Invesdor
  • Giacomo Bertoldi, CEO, Walliance

Moderator: Delphine Poux, Chief of Staff to the Director, Société Générale

12.30 Keynote – Julio Suarez, Research Director, Association of Financial Markets Europe (AFME)

12.45 Lunch

14.15 Keynote – Rosa Armesto, Deputy Director General, Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE)

14.30 Panel 3 – Public offerings for SME – How to integrate crowdfunding into capital markets

  • Daniel Horak, Co-founder, CONDA
  • Carlo Allevi, CEO, WeAreStarting
  • Nora Szeles, Co-founder, Tokeportal

Moderator: Reid Feldman, Partner, Kramer Levin

15.15 Coffee Break

15.45 Keynote – Jan Klesla, Board Member, International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)

16.00 Panel 4 – Convergence with crypto assets: ECSPR vs MiCa

  • Ivona Schoonbrood, General Counsel, Allianceblock
  • Michael Huertas, Partner, PwC
  • Jan Klesla, Board Member, International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)

Moderator: Phil Dardier, Founder, EUTECH

16.45 Closing


CrowdCon 2022 Fees

8 November – Professional Workshop Day

– Members: EUR 500
– Non-members: EUR 1,000 (includes entrance to 9th Nov-    Conference Day)

9 November – Conference Day

– Members: Free entrance
– Non-members: EUR 750 (excludes entrance to 8th Nov –       Professional Workshop Day)