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EUROCROWD promotes and supports the entirety of the crowdfunding sector in Europe. By joining EUROCROWD, you will be part of an ecosystem that facilitates access to knowledge, peer-to-peer exchange, networking opportunities and close cooperation. We “inspire tomorrow’s finance” by:

–  Creating opportunities to meet and exchange with peers
–  Sharing knowledge and information about the crowdfunding sector
–  Promoting the crowdfunding ecosystem and the opportunities it brings among a wide variety of stakeholders

EUROCROWD offers associate membership to a range of organisations within the European crowdfunding ecosystem:

These are companies or organizations that operate crowdfunding platforms under ECSPR, as well donation and reward-based crowdfunding. Crowdfunding Service Providers are preferred partners in developing industry best practices and knowledge sharing. 
These are companies or organizations that provide services to crowdfunding platforms, such as payment service providers, white label software providers, consulting firms, law firms, and accounting firms. Professional service providers are key in supporting the professional development of the sector and are preferred partners in developing professional market intelligence and supporting solutions. 
These are public or private organisations or departments that regulate, support, or shape the industry, such as regional governments, regional development agencies, research institutes, universities, corporates but also non-profit organizations working on topics interconnected with crowdfunding on European or national level. Strategic members are preferred partners in our national expansion into EU markets, such as in Italy and Spain. 

Direct Membership Benefits

  • High-level and professional networking at the European Crowdfunding Convention CrowdCon. Running since 2013, the reference event of the European crowdfunding ecosystem. Members benefit from two free tickets per event.  
  • Exclusive learning and peer-to-peer exchange opportunities through online professional workshops
  • Listing in our public Member Directory to facilitate networking and business development  
  • Visibility through promotion with external stakeholders 
  • Affiliation membership badge for use on the web, in social media or print

Indirect Membership Benefits

  • Networking events: Workshops, and seminars to meet and share ideas and best practices.
  • Educational resources: webinars and online courses on topics relevant to the industry, such as new regulations, industry trends, and best practices, as well as the application of crowdfunding into other sectors and markets.
  • Vocational training: delivery of a detailed training programme on crowdfunding, encompassing aspects of fundraising, complementarity with other financing sources, financial literacy, customer protection and platform management.
  • Research reports: conduct and publish research on the industry, including market trends and regulatory issues.
  • Advocacy: represent the interests of the industry to government agencies and other stakeholders, such as by participating in rule-making processes and providing input on proposed legislation.
  • Discounts: negotiate discounts on products and services that are commonly used by industry members.
  • Legal and compliance resources: provide access to legal and compliance resources to help members navigate the complex European regulatory environment.
  • Procurement: provide opportunities for members to engage in bespoke involvement in Government tenders related to crowdfunding.

Membership Fees 2024

Membership fees are set by the Executive Board and are based on the type and size of the organization. Membership is calculated for a full calendar year without discounts. Membership can be cancelled at any point, however, fees paid will not be reimbursed.
Our 2024 Fees will be made public in due course, interested parties can send inquiries and will be informed by us about relevant updates.

Membership Application Process

To start the application process, send us the form you will find below, and we will contact you to follow up with your request. 
The application process involves filling up a formal Application Form and, depending on each case, an interview with the management team. After that, the application is brought to the Executive Board. Once approved, you will receive an invoice to process the payment of the annual fee, which finalises the application.   
Each membership runs for a maximum of one calendar year, ending on 31 December. You can cancel your commitment at any time, but paid contributions will not be reimbursed. Membership starts after full payment of the membership invoice. 

Additional Opportunities for Members

EUROCROWD is especially present in the Italian and Spanish markets through a local office and a local team. National Strategic Groups are national joint ventures that aim at fostering national crowdfunding ecosystems and to strengthen the economic impact of crowdfunding to the local and national economy.  
Our Strategic Groups are close collaborations between EUROCROWD and
–  Strategic Partners 
–  Professional Service Providers 
EUROCROWD assists National Strategic Groups outreach by supporting:
–  One national event per year  
–  Two national CrowdTuesdays per year  
–  Quarterly online meetings  
–  National website  
The joint services developed and delivered by Strategic Groups are subject to joint venture agreements between the involved parties, covering all commercial and non-commercial actions. 
Crowdfunding Service Providers with a local presence are welcome and invited to join the activities of our Strategic Groups.
ECSP-licensed Crowdfunding Service Providers (CSP) will have the ability to participate in policymaking at a European level, exchange with peers and to develop professional standards that professionalise the industry. This is for ECSP-licensed CSP only, or those transitioning into ECSPR (2023 only).   
Participation in this group is only possible for EUROCROWD Members, its cost and activities however are not covered by our membership, instead additional fees will arise. 

Membership Disclaimer

EUROCROWD membership is in support of our own work and goals. Membership is limited to one calendar year and must be renewed at the beginning of every year. Our members in general join in support of our vision and engage actively in developing a professional crowdfunding market through regulation and best practices. At no point does EUROCROWD endorse any of its members or their activities. EUROCROWD does not and cannot validate the professional conduct of its members, we have neither the legal mandate to do so nor the capacity. We urge our members to operate in accordance to the applicable national laws and expect the implementation of best practices and transparency according to industry standards. Oversight is the role of National Conduct Authorities.