Project Management

EUROCROWD is actively participating in research and support projects in areas and topics relevant for the development of European crowdfunding platforms. We want to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, citizens and stakeholders on crowdfunding, develop a better understanding on the sector and set-up new tools for crowdfunding platforms, investors and citizens.
We are particularly interested in joining projects with an educational dimension including crowdfunding, as well as regional and local initiatives. Projects may target a specific sector, with the aim to enhance the understanding and reinforce the presence of crowdfunding in areas such as creative industry, renewable energy, health, etc.

Our main focus areas

We are aiming to raise awareness around crowdfunding to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovation. 

Our activities are aimed at attracting entrepreneurs onto European crowdfunding platforms and will contribute to the development of a more mature crowdfunding ecosystem in Europe.

EUROCROWD seeks to engage in EU projects that will:

  • Raise the awareness of entrepreneurs about crowdfunding
  • Liaise entrepreneurs with European crowdfunding platforms
  • Develop guidelines, guides, training tools
  • Develop best practices about crowdfunding

We aim at enhancing the use of Crowdfunding to finance environmentally sustainable projects.

We hope to establish crowdfunding as a recognised tool to of sustainable finance  and position Europe as a leader in crowdfunding for environmental sustainability and renewable energy.

EUROCROWD seeks to engage in EU projects that will:

  • enhance the understanding of opportunities for crowdfunding
  • involve wider communities of users
  • set-up new guidelines, tools and platforms

We aim at creating a better environment for private investments into European SMEs and of decreasing their dependency from bank financing.

We support the idea of a genuine single capital market in the EU where private investors are able to invest their funds across borders and businesses can raise the funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location.

EUROCROWD seeks to engage in EU projects that will:

  • help increasing the level of private investments
  • offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs or higher speed
  • create a diversified capital markets offering

Examples of our work

Your gain

  • Partner with in-depth expertise in citizen centric digital finance, sustainability and innovation.
  • Engage the only professional European network of crowdfunding industry actors and relevant stakeholders.
  • Benefit from our track record in project management and our network of relevant expert partners across sectors.
  •  Build long term relationships and create repeat benefits for your stakeholders and customers. 


We are always happy to hear about potential collaboration and inquiries about our expertiese.

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