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Are you an entrepreneur looking to protect your innovative ideas and products? Do you want to understand how Intellectual Property can boost your success in crowdfunding and digital finance?

  • Join us for an exclusive knowledge-sharing experience. CrowdIP is your gateway to comprehensive insights and strategies for safeguarding your innovations, winning the confidence of investors, and thriving in today’s competitive business landscape.
  • Stay tuned for expert guidance, interactive sessions, and real success stories from small businesses that have harnessed the potential of IP protection. Your journey to IP excellence begins here!

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To bolster awareness and empower companies gearing up for a crowdfunding campaign. Additionally, we aim to provide insights to crowdfunding platforms, bridging the knowledge gap between investors and companies, ensuring both sides understand the value and nuances of IP protection.

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CrowdIP is designed to tackle questions and knowledge on Intellectual Property (IP) for small- and medium-sized enterprises in general and with regard to crowdfunding, alternative and digital finance specifically. CrowdIP is supported by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and ideas powered for business


Amplifying the message of IP awareness across Europe requires collaboration. That’s where our Network steps in. We are excited to collaborate with esteemed partners from our focus regions – Germany, Italy, and Spain, while working also at European level. This network spearheads both online and offline initiatives, emphasizing IP awareness for start-ups and seasoned companies alike. Our partners have a local economic footprint and work closely with small and medium-sized enterprises or they are experts in fundraising or IP.

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