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Nora Szeles, Co-founder, Tokeportal

by Joan Segura on 24.09.2021

Nora Szeles is an economist, graduated from Corvinus Budapest and Mannheim and having obtained her MBA at Purdue, USA. She is currently working on her PhD on crowdfunding, and she is also an entrepreneur, co-founder of, Hungary’s first equity-based crowdfunding service provider.

Having spent 25 years on the capital market, she has been deeply involved with market development, for example in the launch of futures and index trading on the Budapest Stock Exchange. In the early days of her career at regulated markets, she felt that it would be more important to serve the pre-IPO phase of companies. Then, after the JOBS Act she thought that a new era has begun. Having read the first draft of the ECSPR in 2018, she and her partners decided to create the service on hard grounds, in Hungary – and just closed first successful campaigns.  

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