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RE-WATCH the 6th CrowdCamp: Scaling Up Partnerships

The 6th CrowdCamp showcased detailed analysis of how public funds, both own resources and European Structural and Investment Funds, can and should be used to co-finance crowdfunding projects. Based on two years of detailed research, we presented in-depth case studies and insights on how policy makers can enable citizen engagement within regional policy priorities, and support economic and social development through crowdfunding.

EUROCROWD is grateful for the support of its members over the past years and the open discussions policy makers have engaged in.

The 6th CrowdCamp was hosted online on 17 June 2021, in cooperation with ART-ER Research to Business conference.

Hosted online on 17 June 2021, in cooperation with the ART-ER Research to Business conference.

At the latest with the framework of the future cohesion policy 2021-2027, crowdfunding has started to become increasingly interesting for public authorities as a further option to be included in the existing mix of financial instruments. 

In order to understand the relevance of this innovative financial mechanism for public authorities and citizens, the 6th CrowdCamp presented core insights from the forthcoming Scaling up Partnerships report, best practices of financial mechanisms set up between crowdfunding and public funds, and potential opportunities for replication at both the European and regional levels.

Over the past months of health and economic crisis due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, crowdfunding has proven to be a resilient and efficient funding mechanism not only to support not-for-profit initiatives, but also to improve access to liquidity for small businesses. In this perspective, there have been several cases in which partnerships between public authorities and crowdfunding platforms have proven to be an effective combination to achieve ambitious objectives in a strained social and economic context.


Learning from recent examples, EUROCROWD’s 6th CrowdCamp aims at promoting ways on how to maintain and scale up positive partnerships between public authorities and crowdfunding platforms. 




Agenda and schedule

10.00 – Welcome
Oliver Gajda, Executive Director, EUROCROWD

10.15 Opening
Christin Friedrich, Chair, EUROCROWD and CEO, Innovestment

10.30 – Keynote
Adam Abdulwahab, Policy Analyst, DG REGIO, European Commission

10.50 – Keynote
Bruno Robino, Head of fi-compass, European Investment Bank

11.10 – Spotlight on – Francesca Passeri, Deputy Director, EUROCROWD presents “Scaling up Partnerships” (report to be published on 17 June 2021) 


11.40 – Panel Discussion: Highlighting Best Practices with: 

  • Martina Lodi, ART-ER, Moderator
  • Elenora Cozzi, Project Officer, Comune di Milano: match-funding under National OP Metro and future 2021-2027 OP (ESI Funds)
  • Audrius Griskevicius, CEO, FinBee: partnership with INVEGA, the use of reflows from ESI Funds to finance real economy operators
  • Yoann Nesme, CEO and co-founder, PPL: Common mistakes in a match-funding initiative and how to prevent them
  • Megan Leonard-Kane, Senior Investment Manager, Seedrs: Future Fund UK experience

12.40 – Q&A

13.00 Closing Keynote
Rosa D’Amato, Greens/EFA, European Parliament