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Martina Lodi, KICK-ER Service Manager, ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory

by Dieter Pfenning on 24.05.2021
Martina joined ART-ER in 2013 and works in the Territories, Participation and Attractiveness Area - Cultural and Creative Industries Unit as Crowdfunding Expert and KICK-ER Service Manager. She holds a master degree in Cultural Economics. Previously co-founder of a reward-based civic crowdfunding platform, she has used her experience in the field to activate a crowdfunding guidance service ( dedicated to startups, SMEs, business projects and local authorities that have projects with an impact on the regional territory. In 2020 she launched a service dedicated to the identification of match-funding models for local authorities. In ART-ER she also deals with crowdfunding training on specific sectors, in particular the Cultural and Creative Industries.

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