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by EUROCROWD on 27.06.2022

Member’s name: Housers


Type of crowdfunding: P2P Lending

Country: Spain


Housers is the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Southern Europe, allowing investors to invest starting at €300 in real estate projects with 1st ranked mortgage collateral.

In 2017, Housers initiated a internationalization strategy in Italy and Portugal. Today, Housers has more than 130,000 users from more over 165 different nationalities.

In 2020, Housers launches projects with 1st ranked mortgage as collateral with the following adventages:

  • Real guarantee: in case of non-payment by the developer, the collateral can be executed to pay the developer's debt.
  • No extra cost for investor : the developer assumes all registration and possible enforcement costs.
  • The property is locked and cannot be transferred during the life of the loan.
  • LTV (Loan To Value): lower than 70% in all the projects.

Competent supervisory authority: CNMV and CMVM

License and permits: License as PFP (Crowdfunding platform) in Spain and Portugal

Company name: Housers Global Properties PFP

Date of establishment: 2015

VAT number: ESB87269999

Social Media:

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