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Workshop on sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives, January 26, 2024, Brussels

Join us for a dynamic discussion on how to empower sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives in the digital era. How to provide adults with knowledge, skills, and digital tools to organize and realize crowdfunding campaigns – especially low-skilled or low-qualified adults – to raise funds for projects and business ideas, especially sustainable social initiatives. 

Event Details: 

  • Date: 26th January 2024
  • Time: 10:30 – 13:00
  • Location: SilverSquare, Square de Meeûs 35, 1000 Brussels



Join us on 26 January 2024, for an enriching discussion centered around crowdfunding and sustainable social entrepreneurship. 

The discussion will outline best practices and ideas to boost financial and technical literacy in alternative finance. The knowledge, digital tools, and skills needed for successful crowdfunding campaigns are crucial, especially considering the general lack of technical and financial literacy. To broaden the impact of alternative financing, it must be accessible to entrepreneurs with varying skill levels. Discover effective ways to raise funds for projects and business ideas, with a special focus on sustainability and positive social initiatives. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your crowdfunding expertise and contribute to a more inclusive financial landscape!

Register today here to join the conversation and contribute to preparing for a positive impact in the digital era. 

EUROCROWD organises this event, in cooperation with SEIDE@CRO, an European project operating under the Erasmus+ cooperation initiative. We seek to foster collaboration and to leverage diverse perspectives to drive meaningful change.


10.30 Setting the stage 

Navigating transparency and accountability under the EU crowdfunding legislation of financial-return models and current market activity. The importance of user education in crowdfunding for social impact, both technical and financial literacy. Lessons from the SEIDE@CRO project, an Erasmus+ cooperation spanning five countries. 

  • Oliver Gajda, EUROCROWD 

11.00 Key Note: Crowdfunding for innovation, business and sustainability 

Crowdfunding as a SME financing tool to increase innovation and social impact from the European Commissions view  

  • Armando Melone, DG Grow, European Commission 

11.30 Master Class: Applying crowdfunding 

Showcasing a roadmap for successful crowdfunding campaigns, covering key aspects essential for both novices and experienced individuals based on real case examples  

  • Charlotte Brandsma, Growfunding 

12.00 Panel Discussion: Lessons learned and challenges of crowdfunding for sustainable social initiatives 

Discussing pros- and cons of creating crowdfunding campaigns and employing effective communication strategies in achieving social impact. 

  • Charlotte Brandsma, Growfunding
  • Luigi Della Sala, TreeAgency
  • Nora Szeles, Tokeportal

12.45 Open Discussion 

13.00 Closing