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EUROCROWD supports GATEWAY49 Accelerator in Germany

by EUROCROWD on 22.03.2023

EUROCROWD is proud to again support GATEWAY49 in guiding its 5th batch of early-stage companies through their growth journey. GATEWAY49 is the start-up ecosystem in North Germany, run by the Technikzentrum Lübeck (TZL), the Chambers of Commerce and local innovation consultants. GATEWAY49 supports start-ups in the areas of life science, food, smart city, logistics and new digital technologies in accessing expertise that can accelerate their growth and access to market.

The accelerator offers an extensive infrastructure and a detailed training program to start-ups, while also investing up to EUR30,000 per team per year without diluting the founders. An extensive and practical workshop and training program provides participants with the tools and knowledge to grow their businesses.

EUROCROWD has worked with GATEWAY49 over the past years to develop a structured training focused on early-stage companies that will help them understand the opportunities and risks of public offerings via crowdfunding in relation to private investments from venture capital and business angels. We are happy to roll out this programme formally and involve knowledge and expertise from our cooperation with EUIPO and the professionals connected to their network of national IP offices, to ensure that start-ups are prepared to make an informed decision on their funding opportunities and growth strategies.

If you are interested in working with EUROCROWD on rolling out support for your local ecosystem, please find out more and contact us