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by Joan Segura on 30.11.2021

Member’s name: Plandail


Email address: /

Country: Ireland


Plandail is a crowdfunding + ecosystem start-up, operating in sustainability/ESG/high impact sectors. The company platform will be (largely) blockchain architected, including SSI functionality.

Retail crowdfunding app

Plandail Crowdfunding with its simplified user interface is for all entrepreneurs and existing companies operating in the ESG impact sectors that want to raise funds to begin or expand operations.

Our aim is to be user-focused to make sure we have an always-going user base. By making our app frictionless for users it will help use build this user base which is key to providing liquidity to the platform.

SSI allows people to interact in the digital world with the same freedom and capacity for trust as they do in the offline world. Plandail is building our own SSI wallet to the new Eu.

Five key benefits that Self-Sovereign Identity brings:

Self-Sovereign Identity, conceptually, is a new internet service that delivers a combined identity verification and authentication solution

Benefits include:

Eliminating the effort of collecting documentation that has already been collected elsewhere helping make Plandail streamlined and scalable.

Applicants (individuals) deliver only the information they approve validators to receive

Cryptographically secure distributed ledger recording transactions that prevent modification

Each investor will be issued with an SSI which will operate in the Plandail ecosystem as a verified and trusted actor/wallet.

Plandail’s founders have a deep passion for high-impact social and environmental ventures. Our vision is to create a crowdfunding investment platform that levels the playing field for retail and accredited investors, to enable entrepreneurs to start and scale their ventures

Company name: Plandail Limited

Legal form: Limited

Date of establishment: Jan 2021

Commercial register number: 686602

VAT number: /

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