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New Non-Executive Board to be elected on 17 June 2021

by EUROCROWD on 14.05.2021

On the 17 June 2021, EUROCROWD will hold its annual assembly of Members. Every two years we elect a Non-Executive Board from our Membership to represent the professional interests of the European crowdfunding and fintech industry within our activities and to provide guidance in our prudential management. Only EUROCROWD Platform members can be nominated to join the board as a member, but all Members will be invited to vote on the candidates. Former EUROCROWD Board Members as well as our Strategic and Professional Members which are involved in key activities of EUROCROWD have the opportunity to join the Non-Executive Board as Advisors after the election and by appointment, in order to provide additional insight and experience.

The involvement of industry in our strategic planning and execution of our work through the Non-Executive Board has been a significant contribution to our success and a key contributing factor in the making of the European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation (ECSPR), where our Board members and those active in the relevant working groups have provided detailed and operational insights into the drafting and negotiation of relevant legal texts over the past years. Especially our members Seedrs, October and Funding Circle have been key supporting the development of the ECSPR with significant expertise and time provided into the process. We would like to thank the relevant individuals, Jeff Lynn, Pascal Ouvrard (now with and Jens Engelmann-Pilger (now with for their dedication on behalf of the total European crowdfunding market.

But also in the development of our collaboration with other Institutions, for example on European Strategic Investment Funds (ESIF) our board has been a key driver and supporter of our working group. Our collaboration over the past years with the European institutions has made it possible that we are now able to contemplate a structured approach to supporting crowdfunding with relevant match funding incentives across Europe. To this extend we are also excited to be able to present the results of our work on ESIF funds over the past year at the request of European institutions in our forthcoming 6th CrowdCamp "Crowdfunding for European Strategic Investment Funds" on 17 June 2021, prior to our Genera Assembly of Members.

We are looking forward to our new applicants and nominations for the next Non-Executive Board period and hope that we will be able to continue our close collaboration with the sector in all key aspects of our work. EUROCROWD Platform members senior executives can submit their informal application with a short motivational letter and CV by email to

We hope to be able to welcome some of outgoing board members back and are excited about the next two year period in which especially the implementation and impact measurement of ECSPR but also the trialogue on Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA), the negotiation on the regulation of consumer loan based crowdfunding and the implementation of match funding with ESIF funds will be important aspects of our work. We are also looking forward to expand our vocational training academy and national cooperation further, increase our research and advisory work to more clients and launch scientific collaboration to ensure high quality knowledge transfer between academia and the sector.