Strong foundations for Spanish Strategic Group for clear support of European agenda


The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) is proud to announce that the Spanish Strategic Group (ECN-SSG) has been advancing over the past months and that we now have formally established different working areas. While the ECN-SSG is focusing on developing relevant skill sets through vocational training, the group has also been focusing on concrete areas related to the Spanish agenda that have clear connection to Europe.

The initial focus of the Spanish Strategic Group

  • European Crowdfunding Service Provider for Business Regulation
  • European Structural Investment Funds
  • Creative and Cultural Industries
  • Rural Development


The direct collaboration of the ECN-SSG members will help to jointly create proposals for the national implementation of European Crowdfunding Service Provider for Business Regulation (ECSP) and the development of regulatory technical standards by European Security and Markets Authorities. This will be done in collaboration with the ECSP working group managed via the ECN membership in Brussels and input from the  Italian Strategic Group. The ECN-SSG will also help reviewing guarantee mechanisms and legislation – especially also the topic of European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) in combination with crowdfunding tools and public policies, which ECN has championed with relevant stakeholders in Europe, such as the European Investment Bank in a recent study. In addition, the ECN-SSG will work on topics such as creative and cultural industries (CCI) or Rural Development are areas linked to specific contexts where new scenarios for crowdfunding are engaging as challenging.

The unique collaboration brings together public authorities, development agencies, crowdfunding platforms, universities, private foundations and professional associations to help create a strong and professional crowdfunding sector in Spain and Europe.

Members of the ECN-SSG












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