A single European Crowdfunding organisation to be formed



The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) and European Crowdfunding Association (ECA) have decided to join forces to create a truly European body that will lobby, promote and foster a more favourable and transparent environment for crowdfunding in Europe. Both organisations believe that the emergent European crowdfunding industry will be better served by a single representative organisation.

The new organisation will exclusively represent Europe-based crowdfunding platforms and crowdfunding professionals. It will act and communicate with EU bodies, representing the interests of its members and supporters, for a harmonised European regulation and ecosystem for crowdfunding. It will work with its members for improved customer protection standards, operational and financial best practies, as well as for growing the opportunies of the European crowdfunding industry.

Both organisations have entered into an agreement with the aim to collaborate closely in building a joint effort by the end of 2012 from which a Brussels-based not-for-profit organisations shall be created to operate under the name European Crowdfunding Network.

Chris Puttick, Co-Chair of ECA, said : “Following productive talks culminating in a meeting in Brussels end of September 2012, the European Crowdfunding Network and European Crowdfunding Association have now decided that the European crowdfunding industry would be better served and supported by a single organisation.”

Oliver Gajda, Co-Chair of ECN, said : “We happen to have many things in common, so it was a natural thing to join forces in a shared goal. Combining our membership and supporter base will be very beneficial to the European Crowdfunding industry.”

About European Crowdfunding Association (ECA)
This initiative was conceived in early 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs and investors with the intention of providing a unified voice promoting crowdfunding as a source of capital to support the development and growth of for-profit businesses, social enterprises and other projects.

About European Crowdfunding Network (ECN)
The network was formed in 2011 by crowdfunding industry professionals and platforms, in order to bring the European Crowdfunding Stakeholders together. It has local representation (so-called Ambassadors) in 10+ countries in Europe, and gathers crowdfunding platforms and subscribers from the entire European Union.


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