ECN Italian Strategic Group (ECN-ISG)

The ECN-ISG (Italian Strategic Group) has been established as a joint venture between ECN and a selection of Italian members of ECN with the aim of fostering the emergence of a strong crowdfunding ecosystem in Italy, by bringing together universities, public authorities, private foundations, and industry associations and provide them with knowledge, contacts and skills as to support the creation of a culture of crowdfunding in Italy.

The rationale behind the establishment of the ECN-ISG lies in the importance of improving the understanding and trust towards the crowdfunding sector for both investors and entrepreneurs, as well as in the dissemination and acquisition of a consolidated set of skills and competences related to the many different aspects of crowdfunding.

The ECN-ISG is composed by the following four focus areas:

  1. ISO/CEN Certification scheme for crowdfunding professionals
  2. Feasibility study for a guarantee mechanism for crowdfunding platforms
  3. Synergies between crowdfunding and ESI Funds
  4. Legal framework in Italy and Europe

Outcomes of the ECN-ISG:

  • Development of a standardised training scheme for entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs and future crowdfunding professionals
  • Preparatory study for the implementation of a guarantee fund for crowdfunding platforms
  • Implementation of the guarantee fund
  • Identification of potential opportunities for combining crowdfunding with ESI Funds for trainings on crowdfunding and other initiatives
  • Assessment and monitoring of Italian and European regulatory framework, to continuously provide up-to-date information in training sessions

Current members of the Italian Strategic Group: