Social Impact Related Projects

Raising awareness on crowdfunding to support social impact projects

Crowdfunding can be a powerful tool for citizens to finance projects that have an impact on their or others’ communities, wherever they are located. Thanks to its democratic power, crowdfunding can vehicle private savings into social impact projects that have trouble accessing other forms of finance or that simply want to involve more directly the citizens.

ECN is involved in projects that will:

  •         Raise the awareness about crowdfunding for social impact and economic development,
  •         Liaise social entrepreneurs with European crowdfunding platforms,
  •         Develop guidelines, guides, training tools,
  •         Develop best practices about crowdfunding for social impact.


Crowdfunding for Development aims at providing better information on crowdfunding potential for the development world and Southern countries in particular (with a focus on Maghreb and Subsaharian Africa). ECN is notably responsible for interviewing and surveying different platforms and investors acting in Africa, not only about their development projects but also about emerging trends and business models in donation, reward-based, lending and equity crowdfunding in Africa.