Building a crowdfunding campaign

Capacity building for crowdfunding campaigns

This service is designed for private companies, business networks, public organizations, co-working and accelerators. It can be delivered as a multiple days’ consultancy, to get accurately guided into how to build a crowdfunding campaign, or as one-day training, to acquire general guidelines and best-practices in an efficient way.

We’ll help you to

  • Understand your crowdfunding potential: feasibility assessment
  • Define your goals and needs
  • Identify the suitable crowdfunding model and platform
  • Understand your target audience
  • Build a convincing story
  • Set up the right incentive(s)
  • Prepare an effective communication strategy
  • Set up a timeline and action plan


  • Ongoing support during the execution of the campaign
  • Scripting of the video

Further information and contact

Our services can be provided as single packages or in combination. The content can be shaped according to your needs and expectations. Price will vary depending on your requirements.

For further details and pricing, please contact mentioning “Capacity Buildinmg” in the subject line of your e-mail.