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by Sanja Lazic on 02.12.2021

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Type of crowdfunding: Peer-to-peer lending

Country: UK

Description: is born from the attitude that people want transparency, trust and purpose from financial services. An increasing number of people care about how their money is used in society. is a firm believer in transparency and choice in the peer-to-peer lending industry - having the most informative and open loan profiles, allowing lenders to make informed lending decisions and strive to communicate in the most open and informative way possible with all parties throughout the loan term. Unlike many other platforms, offers lenders a choice in who they lend to but also offers an auto lending option. Lenders set the rates at which they want to lend and all interest goes directly to the lender.

Competent supervisory authority: Financial Conduct Authority /FCA)

License and permits:

Authorised by FCA (656344)

Complaints procedure:

Company name: Ltd

Date of establishment: 2017

Commercial register number: Company Registration No. 07885342. Information Commissioner Office No. Z3162660.

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