ECN is engaged in the development of the European crowdfunding ecosystem through its participation in projects supported by the European Institutions.  ECN is already involved in several projects and is always open to new opportunities.

ECN is willing to participate in EU projects in areas and topics relevant for the development of European crowdfunding platforms. We want to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, citizens and stakeholders on crowdfunding, develop a better understanding on the sector and set-up new tools for crowdfunding platforms, investors and citizens.

We are particularly interested in joining projects related to access to finance, entrepreneurship (incl. social entrepreneurship, web entrepreneurship) and citizen involvement. Initiatives with an educational dimension including crowdfunding are also of high interest, as well as regional and local initiatives supported by the EU and integrating crowdfunding approach.

Projects can target a specific sector, with the aim to enhance the understanding and reinforce the presence of crowdfunding in areas such as creative industry, renewable energy, health, etc.

Interested in integrating a crowdfunding dimension in your project? Please contact us.

We are currently involved in:

Entrepreneurship related projects

Environment related projects

Investment related projects