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10th European Crowdfunding Convention "History in the making: Crowdfunding reborn under ECSP"

The most relevant discussion for the Crowdfunding industry after the European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ESCP) regulation comes into effect:

  • Where are the best opportunities within the EU?
  • How will the new framework align with incumbent services?
  • How can CSPs provide funding for illiquid assets?

The invite only event is interactive with break out rooms for networking and geared toward crowdfunding platform providers and other EUROCROWD members – it will neither be life streamed nor recorded.
We welcome the more than 100 participants from crowdfunding platforms, regulators, policy makers and our membership.


This year, marked by the coming into effect of the “European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) for business”, the 10th EUROCROWD Crowdfunding Convention will consist of 3 panels
as well as several keynote speakers:

New realities with old institutions
With the new rules set to be implemented as of late 2021 significant changes will occur for crowdfunding service providers. National solutions used in the past may no longer be available under ECSP. New opportunities are suddenly matched with legacy services. How can CSPs exploit deeper engagement with incumbent financial institutions and third-party service providers in order to quickly scale across the EU? And how can incumbent financial institutions, insurance or payment service providers benefit from this new market?

Acquisition of illiquid assets via Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)
When ECSP was first thought up, it was directed toward providing funding to small- and medium-sized businesses. The increasing success of project-based finance, especially real estate
and energy crowdfunding, has led the legislators to include options for the acquisition of interest in non-liquid assets via the use of special purpose vehicles. Still, the new rules differ significantly from previous national laws, how is the sector going to capture this new opportunity?

ECSP – A view from abroad
One year after the European Parliament signed off on the ESCP Regulation, ESMA and member state authorities have been working on defining how to implement the new rules at the national level. ESMA and the EU member state authorities have had a year to work on the implementation rules, but it has taken a long time to provide relevant advice to the sector. At the cusp of coming in force, which member states look most promising and when can we expect the sector to receive licenses? What are non-European actors looking for and how do EU platforms perceive the upcoming situation?



10.00 Welcome
10.15 Opening Keynote 


10.30 Part 1 – New realities with old institutions 


  • Suzie Neuwirth, Peer2Peer Finance News

Panel speakers:

  • Olivier Houdaille, Lumo
  • Christin Friedrich, Innovestment
  • Damien Guermonprez, Lemonway

11.30 Q&A Break out room and coffee break

12.00 Keynote – European Capital Markets – a year of recovery

  • Julio Suarez, AFME 

12.15 Part 2 – Acquisition of illiquid assets via SPVs


  • Phillipe Dardier, Eutech

Panel speakers:

  • Chiara Agostini, Walliance 
  • Greta Gaumert, Exporo 
  • Mikhel Stamm, EstateGuru 
  • Coenraad de Vries, OnePlanetcrowd

13.15 Q&A Break out room and coffee break

13.45 Keynote

  • ESMA

14.00 Part 3 – ECSP: A view from abroad


  • Andrew Dix, Crowded Media Group

Panel speakers:

  • Jeff Lynn, Seedrs
  • Daniel Rajkumar, Rebuilding Society
  • Andreas Knopf, Invesdor

15.00  Q&A Break out room and drinks

15.30 Closing