Organizing CrowdTuesday

Who can organize CrowdTuesday?

Are you a forward thinker? Do you believe in the great potential of crowdfunding for our economy? Do you also think that it is important that the industry grows connected? Are you interested in increasing your visibility in the sector, becoming a key actor? Well, if the answer is yes to all the questions, then you are the right person, provided you are an actor operating in the industry or working very close to it.

Why becoming a CrowdTuesday Organizer

By deciding to become a CrowdTuesday Official Organizer in your area you will benefit of several advantages, including:

  • Increased local and international visibility – You will become a point of reference for the crowdfunding actors in your community and you will have the opportunity to increase your visibility at European level. In fact, ECN will offer you:
    • The possibility to write one article per  CrowdTuesday organised that will be published on the ECN CrowdTuesday website section and may feature in the ECN newsletters.
    • The opportunity to be listed on ECN website as CrowdTuesday Official Organizer.
    • Promotion of your CrowdTuesday on ECN’s social media channels.
  • Access to exclusive networking occasions – You will be invited to special networking sessions during the international ECN event, which brings together the most important actors of the European crowdfunding industry.
  • Discount on ECN annual membership fee – ECN offers you 20% of discount on the following year’s membership fee per each new ECN member you acquire.

 How to organize CrowdTuesday

If you want to organize CrowdTuesday, the first thing you have to do is to reach to us: We will get back to you with all the information and material needed to make as easy as possible the organization of the event and to clear any doubt you may have.