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Matthew Caruana, CEO, Zaar

by Oliver Gajda on 28.07.2021

Matthew Caruana is a business innovator, coach and mentor with a proven track record for driving project success from the grassroots up. Passionate about start-ups and entrepreneurship, Matthew’s involvement has been integral to the successful launch of countless projects across various economic and social spheres. His extensive career so far has seen Matthew’s role extend from project management and e-business analysis, to the management of entire operations. Since 2016, he has driven Zaar – Malta’s leading crowdfunding platform – and has grown it into a nationally-recognised brand. In this position, he has excelled at taking numerous start-up projects through their critical early days and helped them to become successful. His achievements include coaching and mentoring students in the Climate KIC accelerator programme, JAYE and in the international Masters programme SMARTUP, as well as judging several start-up competitions, and speaking at numerous conferences about crowdfunding, entrepreneurship and alternative finance both locally and internationally. Beyond that, he has also made his mark as the country expert at the European Commission's DG GROW Workshop on Alternative Finance and FinTech, in recent years.

Matthew continues to strive to positively transform Malta’s start-up scene, whether through lobbing, collaboration, mentoring, and even policy making. He sits at the forefront of this important sector of the Maltese business landscape and continues to be one of its most passionate drivers and advocates, believing it to be essential for the future of local economic success.