Boosting the Investment-Readiness of SMEs and Small Midcaps

The project will boost the investment awareness and readiness amongst innovative SMEs and improve the sensitization of investors and innovation intermediaries across Europe. The project will improve the investment readiness of SMEs by boosting their business propositions and will put in relation more 450 investment ready companies with specialized investors across Europe.InvestHorizon-Color-Logo-V02

ECN will bring the crowdfunding knowledge to the consortium and will contribute to training on investment readiness and investor matchmaking. We hope that this work will attract well prepared entrepreneurs on crowdfunding platforms.

Expected results:

  • Analysis of strategies, indicators, schemes and tools with the best impact on investment readiness and investors sensitization and matching
  • Increased awareness amongst innovative SMEs about key topics affecting their knowledge and capacity to improve their investment readiness
  • Increased interest of investors across the range of technology sectors and across the range of different types of (co)-investors (incl. crowdfunding)
  • Improvement of the investment readiness of SMEs by boosting their business propositions as well as their presentation pitch to potential investors
  • Matching the 450+ investment ready companies with specialized investors across Europe

Project details

Duration: 01 December 2014 to 31 May 2017

Project funded by H2020 – European Commission

Project partners:

Europe Unlimited S.A.

European Business Angel Network


F6S Network Limited

European Business and Innovation Centre Network

Baden-Württemberg: connected e.V. (bwcon)

Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals – ASTP-Proton

Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Brabant Universiteit van Tliburg – UVT

European Crowdfunding Network

Université de Liège


  • The Eurpean Investment Readiness Program Investhorizon seeks for the most innvoative SMEs

ECN is a partner of InvestHorizon, the European Investment Readiness Programme supported by the European Commission. InvestHorizon opened a call for applications targeting innovative SMEs to take part in online courses, coaching academies and investment forum events aimed to boost Investment Readiness.

Applicants can register for the Programme and services at As part of the process applicants must submit a company profile and draft presentation together with the registration form.

For more information on this call,  please follow this link.

  • Policy Conference: Boosting investment readiness in Europe

On 23rd April 2015 in Brussels,  InvestHorizon will organise a one-day-conference on new insights into investment readiness with dedicated workshops on new strategies, tools and needs in fields such as access to finance and investor sensitization, fruitful matchmaking and preparing entrepreneurs to access finance. The event targets policy makers, as well as investor and entrepreneur communities.

For more information on the event, please follow this link.