Supporting Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) projects to reach out investors

The projects aims at facilitating collaborations to set the ground for the take up of FET projects by overcoming obstacles related to market outreach and accessing business leaders including entrepreneurs, early stage investors and crowdfunding communities.

ECN role is to organize awareness raising and capacity building workshops in order to equalize investors information. Additionally ECN is facilitating access to most relevant Crowdfunding platforms covering EU and abroad within this project.
Expected results:
To maximize impact, leverage on social recognition, seed opportunities for improving innovation potential of future and emerging technologies, FET2RIN will reach out with ad hoc actions its target groups (FET Projects, entrepreneurs, business leaders, bakers) and offer opportunities for the mutual engagement of these communities when looking for market validation and acceptancy for FET results.
– Improved long-term innovation potential in Europe both from the abundance of novel ideas and the range of actors ready to take them forward.
– Increased take-up of long-term science and technology research results

Project details
Duration 01 December 2015 to 31 December 2018
Project funded by H2020 – European Commission

Project partners
META Group, Italy
European Crowdfunding Network
The European Business and Innovation Centre Network, Belgium