The Early Stage Investing Launchpad – ESIL is a Pan-European community aiming to improve angel investment market, stimulate cross border investment opportunities, find new deals, connect the most relevant networks and build a tailored training programme for local ecosystems.
If you are a business angel, early stage investor, part of a crowdfunding network, an incubator and accelerator or an entrepreneur – join the ESIL community on EuroQuity! You can interact with other individual investors, BAs, crowdfunding platforms, early stage VCs and highly innovative companies.

“ Early Stage Investing Launchpad – Unleashing the potential of early stage investing in Europe”.

The project will establish an EU Framework for capacity building for early-stage investors in Europe, facilitating the take up of Angel Investing, overcoming obstacles related to market outreach and engaging key actors e.g. entrepreneurs, unconventional early stage investors and crowdfunding.

ECNs role is to organize and par.ticipate to 15 ESIL open days (events where business angels can network with crowd-funding platforms, policy makers, incubators, co-investment funds and other stakeholders) and help partners in organising 5 study visits and 10 international online pitches and in engaging new potential investors by producing a set of offline and online communication measures.

Expected results:

By connecting ecosystem actors (including policy makers) and investors and demonstrating how this pays off, ESIL will contribute to short-term impact and sustainability. The interaction among different communities and typology of stakeholders (for profit and not for profit, conventional and unconventional, etc.) made possible by the nature of the consortium partners, will promotes cross-fertilization, mutual understanding and open up opportunities for further cooperation and take up.

  • Sustainable, comprehensive strategy for building capacity in early-stage investments across Europe
  • Higher levels of early-stage expertise in Europe
  • Increase the number of early stage investments in Europe, including cross-border

Project details:

  • Duration 01 February 2017 to 01 January 2020
  • Project funded by H2020 – European Commission

Project partners:

  • META Group, Italy
  • Business Angels Europe, Belgium
  • European Business and Innovation Centre Network, Belgium
  • Go Beyond Limited, Malta
  • BPIFrance Financement SA, France
  • LINC Scotland Ventures Limited, United Kingdom