The 8th ECN Crowdfunding Convention: Scaling up the Industry


24-25 October 2019


The representative office of the Emilia-Romagna Region | Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


The 8th ECN Crowdfunding Convention will explore the future of crowdfunding within a harmonised European market, looking at technological advances, market consolidation and requirements for up- and down-scaling. We will seek open discourse elaborating strategies, best practices and failure. The Convention will take place on the 24-25 October 2019.


With the proposed regulation “European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) for business” covering both, lending-based crowdfunding and investment-based crowdfunding, in its final stages, we believe looking at the future is needed. In a market that soon will be regulated to ensure transparency, customer protection and platform operations across Europe, which is aimed to boost capital formation and investment opportunity across Europe, how can the industry act to ensure sustainable growth and outreach of its own operations? What challenges lie ahead in a maturing market, competition from new technologies and yet, an overall lack of scale?


In this perspective, this year’s ECN CrowdCon will also focus on how training and education can support the creation of a favourable crowdfunding ecosystem in different contexts, drawing from the recent experience developed by ECNs joint venture in the Italian market and providing insights on how to replicate activities and methodologies.


1. Join the discussion on how to bring crowdfunding into the mainstream of EU policies

2. Get to grip of how to foster strong national crowdfunding ecosystems in Europe

3. Take advantage of 3+ networking hours across the two days and make your mark on 160 attendees

4. Meet pan-European industry peers, policymakers and stakeholders and contribute shaping the future of alternative finance


1. How market consolidation, from up- and down-scaling to M&A across Europe, will shape the sector in future

2. How new technologies will opening up collaboration beyond borders

3. The latest opinions and activities of EU policymakers on online access to finance under the Capital Market Union and the Fintech Action Plan

4. Insights and opportunities for future investing in crowdfunding, alternative finance and digital assets

Agenda 24 October 2019

ECN FinTech Research Network
Invitation only and ECN Members at the ECN Offices, Brussels

9:00 Coffee
9.30 First Session : Crowdfunding and ICO
– Session Chair: Matthias Klaes, Buckingham University
– Olena Havrylchyk, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne: The expansion of peer-to-peer lending. With C. Mariotto, T. Rahim and M. Verdier
– Sebastian Helmrich, Technical University of Munich: Current Trends in the Real Estate Crowdfunding Market: From Subordinated Loans to Secured Token-Based Bonds. With Michel Harms and Ernst-Eric Gruschwitz
– Dmitri Boreiko Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: Serial and large investors in Initial Coin Offerings. With Dimche Risteski
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Second Session: Securities Crowdfunding
– Session Chair: Daniele Previati, University of Roma III
– Stefano Cosma, University of Modena: Platforms’ network of partners: the missing piece in equity crowdfunding ecosystem. With Alessandro Giovanni Grasso, Francesco Pattarin and Alessia Pedrazzoli
– Enrico Battisti, University of Turin: With Elvira Anna Graziano
– Francesca Battaglia, University of Naples: Signaling success factors in alternative entrepreneurial finance. With Francesco Busato and Maria Manganiello
13:00 End

DG GROW Workshop on Alternative Finance and FinTech
Invitation only, 09.30 to 13.00h, experts from all 28 European member states will exchange and share Best Practices and discuss about future challenges in the fields of alternative Finance, Blockchain Innovation and Digitalization.

DAY 1 | 8th ECN Crowdfunding Convention

– Francesca Passeri, ECN and Oliver Gajda, ECN

– Lorenza Badiello, Emilia-Romagna Delegation to the EU

TRACK 1 – Fostering strong national crowdfunding ecosystems in Europe

14.15 KEYNOTE Strengthening the relevance of crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance in EU ecosystems
– Armando Melone, DG GROW, European Commission

14:30 KEYNOTE Impact of the Italian Strategic Group (ISG)
– Ludovico Monforte, Unioncamere Lombardia

14.45 PANEL 1 Reaching a European crowd: The relevance of a European standard reference framework for education on crowdfunding.
– Moderator: Viorika Dishnica, ART-ER
– Oriol Sans, ACCIO
– Daniele Previati, Unversity of Roma III
– Cosmina Miu, Romanian Ministry for Business Environment
– Giles Le Cocguen, bpi france


TRACK 2 – Mainstreaming crowdfunding into EU policies

16:00 INSIGHT 1 – Crowdfunding as financial instrument
– Bruno Robino, fi-compass, European Investment Bank

16.15 INSIGHT 2 – EIC: the European DARPA + Innovation ecosystems dimension
– Isidro Laso, European Innovation Council Task Force (EIC), DG RTD

16.30 PANEL 2 Going pan-European: how to bring together different stakeholders towards a common aim? Which benefits, opportunities and obstacles lie ahead?
– Moderator: Yoann Nesme, PPL
– Martina Lodi, ART-ER
– Romain Bouttier, EASME
– Simone Reinhart, Greens/EFA, European Parliament

– Matthias Klaes, Buckingham University


Agenda 25 October 2019

DAY 2 | 8th ECN Crowdfunding Convention

9.00 Opening

TRACK 3 Market consolidation: From up- and down-scaling to M&A across

– Oliver Gajda, ECN

9.45 OPENING Challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in Emilia-Romagna
– Lorenza Badiello, Emilia-Romagna Delegation to the EU
– Francesco Raphael Frieri, Emilia-Romagna Delegation to the EU

10.00 KEYNOTE ECSP view from Brussels
– Jung-Duk Lichtenberger, DG FISMA, European Commission

10:15 PANEL 3 Implementing the changes: how the European crowdfunding industry will be remodelled by ECSP
– Moderator: Pascal Ouvrard, October
– Jens Engelman-Pilger, Funding Circle
– Nina Rudanko, Vauraus
– Karen Kerrigan, Seedrs
– Stefano Panzini, Osborne Clarke


11.30 INSIGHT 1 Corporate venturing in CF platforms
– Edoardo Reggiani, BacktoWork24

11.45 INSIGHT 2 Institutional co-investment
– Josy Soussan, Funding Circle

12.00 INSIGHT 3 M&A, Venture Capital
– Tero Weckroth, Invesdor

12.15 INSIGHT 4 Loan Guarantee schemes, Operational Grants
– Pascal Ouvrard, October

12.30 PANEL 4 Opening up: how crowdfunding platforms will seek to scale. Pro and cons of raising equity, exploiting M&A and venture or corporate investments
– Moderator: Philippe Dardier, Avolta Partners
– Coenraad de Vries, OnePlanetCrowd
– Leonardo Grechi, Walliance
– Christin Friedrich, Innovestment

13:15 KEYNOTE Capital Markets Union: Key Performance Indicators 2019
– Julio Suarez, AFME


TRACK 4 – Blockchain/DLT – Collaboration beyond borders

14.45 PANEL 5 Opening up: Is Blockchain/DLT equipped to exploit and support crowdfunding in order to increase European competitiveness?
– Moderator: Conny Weber, ECN
– Matthew Caruana, Zaar
– Rie Okada, Goteo
– Paul Pöltner, Conda
– Tobias Seidl, Stokr

15.30 INSIGHT 1 Blockchain in Education: Current Landscape and Open Challenges
– Elias Iosif, University of Nicosia

15.45 INSIGHT 2 Challenges to support innovation in compliance with regulation
– Robert Michels, Dentons
– Min Xuan Ng, Dentons


– Joachim Schwerin, DG GROW, European Commission

16:45 PANEL 6 SMEs in the emerging Token Economy – Opportunities, Education & Best Practices
– Moderator: Joachim Schwerin, DG GROW, European Commission
– Elias Iosif, University of Nicosia
– Reinhard Willfort, 1000×1000
– Veronika Kütt, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

– Oliver Gajda, ECN



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The European Crowdfunding Network AISBL (ECN), founded in 2011 as an interest group and formally established in 2013, is a professional network promoting adequate transparency, (self) regulation and governance while offering a combined voice in policy discussion and public opinion building.

ECN executes initiatives aimed at innovating, representing, promoting and protecting the European crowdfunding industry as a key aspect of innovation within alternative finance and financial technology.



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