Development Related Projects

Raising awareness on crowdfunding to support entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding offers new perspectives for entrepreneurs to finance their projects and connect with their potential investors, consumers and partners. However, crowdfunding remains at a development stage and needs to attract more and more entrepreneurs and investors. This is why raising awareness of European entrepreneurs is vital for European crowdfunding platforms to ensure their growth.

ECN is involved in EU projects that will:

  •         Raise the awareness of entrepreneurs about crowdfunding,
  •         Liaise entrepreneurs with European crowdfunding platforms,
  •         Develop guidelines, guides, training tools,
  •         Develop best practices about crowdfunding.

It will attract entrepreneurs on European crowdfunding platforms and will contribute to the development of a more mature crowdfunding ecosystem in Europe.


InvestHorizon aims to boost the investment awareness and readiness amongst innovative SMEs and improve the sensitization of investors and innovation intermediaries across Europe. The project will improve the investment readiness of SMEs by boosting their business propositions and will put in relation more 450 investment ready companies with specialized investors across Europe. ECN will bring the crowdfunding knowledge to the consortium and will contribute to training on investment readiness and investor matchmaking. We hope that this work will attract well prepared entrepreneurs on crowdfunding platforms.

ePlus ecosystem will provide support to a new range of European web-entrepreneurs. Its aim is to ensure that at least 100 web companies are funded by public or private venture capital, or crowdfunding, in order to reach global scale. For this, the project will explore and select European e-talents, will provide online and onsite services and will liaise e-entrepreneurs with e-funding opportunities.   ECN will coach web-entrepreneurs to successfully conduct crowdfunding campaigns. This will attract talented entrepreneurs on European crowdfunding platforms.

SpeedUp! Europe is a disruptive acceleration programme to support entrepreneurial education, innovation and ramp-up to finance. It is supported by the European Commission Future Internet Public Private Partnership and related to the “FI-WARE” Platform. It will provide team formation, seed funding, coaching/mentoring, and finally access to finance through crowdfunding, It will be implemented through virtual tools, as well as a series of workshops in Europe where entrepreneurs and investors can network and exchange. ECN will lead tasks aiming at raising awareness of entrepreneurs on crowdfunding and connect entrepreneurs with crowdfunding platforms.