Crowdfunding for Cultural & Creative Sectors (CCS)

Kick-starting the cultural economy

This 22-month-long project will provide insights and data about crowdfunding realities and potential for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe. It will include a community-based approach, so that it is not only a study but also a project involving the actors of the CCS. For this, a sector-specific informative website dedicated to crowdfunding for CCS will be created. Its aim will be to share information on crowdfunding for the CCS, with a strong emphasis on storytelling, networking and testimonies from CCS actors.

Crowdfunding for CCS
The project will map the crowdfunding market in Europe in relation to the cultural and creative sectors (CCS). It will identify and analyse different crowdfunding platforms and (business) models currently operating in Europe to finance CCS project and examine their trends and evolutions. ECN will notably be responsible for interviewing and surveying different platforms and investors, not only about their creative and cultural projects but also about emerging trends and business models in donation, reward-based, lending and equity crowdfunding.

Expected results:

  • A mapping of crowdfunding platforms operating in CCS and their funding ecosystem
  • A market analysis of crowdfunding benefiting the CCS
  • Recommendations towards a plan of actions at European level
  • An evaluation of different scenarios to optimize the connections between existing crowdfunding platforms in view of the needs of the market with respect to CCS crowdfunding
  • A website benefiting and connecting the different stakeholder groups with respect to CCS crowdfunding
  • A conference to share and discuss the insights from the study and the draft recommendations with the CCS crowdfunding community

Project details:

Duration : 15 January 2016 to 15 November 2017

Project funded by DG EAC – European Commission

Project partners:

  • IDEA Consult (lead partner)
  • Ecorys
  • ECN

Two case studies :

The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) has developed two case studies in order to illustrate match funding-practices (act4Greece) and platform-partnerships (TousNosProjets) in the cultural and creatives sectors.

Both case studies are available and can be downloaded below.