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Questionnaire regarding the importance of technology innovation and technology project rating for investors

by EUROCROWD on 20.06.2023

We are currently conducting a survey with organisations relevant to the field of financing deep tech startups in support of work done in relation to the European Innovation Council (EIC).  

We support the work done under the guidance of the EIC in identifying underlying needs for the creation and design of a rating system to better qualify technology projects led by start-ups or spin-offs.  Such a model should largely or exclusively be based on a 'data-driven' approach and supported by artificial intelligence. We therefore would like also to receive your opinion on the introduction of AI and data-driven tools as a support to investment decisions. 

Indicate your answers in the form below by highlighting relevant answers. If you prefer your data collected by us to be shared anonymously please leave the field “Name” empty. 

Please email the filled in form to: and the subject line "Innovation Rating"

Download the Questionnaire here