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Javier Ramos, Senior Lecturer, Universidad Camilo José Cela

by EUROCROWD on 28.04.2023

Javier Ramos has a PhD in Social Sciences from the European University Institute of Florence and the Juan March Foundation for Studies and Research - Madrid. He has combined the development of academic activity with an important institutional experience as a Diplomatic Advisor in the Ministry of Labour and Immigration (March 2009- January 2011) and as an Advisor in the Presidency of the European Parliament (2005-2007).

His professional interests are related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in all its breadth and, in particular, with new forms of entrepreneurship, mainly with those integral or triple impact models that take into account not only the economic-financial dimension but also the social and environmental dimension of entrepreneurship. A second block of professional interest has to do with the Economic Policy of Globalisation and the European Union, the European Competitiveness and Growth Strategy (Lisbon Strategy, Europe-2020/ 2030) and everything that has to do with Social Innovation and the new democratic/collaborative economy (Digital Democracy, Eco-digital Transition, new forms of financing (crowdfunding) and employment (co-working).