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Luigi della Sala, CEO, Tree Agency

by EUROCROWD on 06.04.2023

Luigi is a creator, writer and project manager who aspires to have a real impact on the people and communities to whom his projects are addressed.
Based in Brussels, with over 12 years of experience in the field of European projects, he considers himself knowledgeable of the jungle of European funding programs, which means he is not surprised when he discovers a new one. He has the ambitious goal of helping to close the gap between the European bubble in Brussels and the voice of people, territories and communities.

Luigi loves working on ambitious and concrete projects, guided by personal and positive motivations and emotions, collaborating with open-minded dreamers and just-doers. He is deeply convinced that luck is an attitude that affects brave, confident and idealistic people, who see difficulties and challenges as possibilities and not as problems. With this spirit, he manages each project, feeding his collaborators and clients with great work, good stamina and healthy smiles.

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