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EUROCROWD provides Masterclass on Alternative Financing for Social-Rural Entrepreneurship

by EUROCROWD on 13.07.2022

On Thursday 14 July 2022 at 18.00h CET, EUROCROWD is collaborating with the Spanish organisation Fundación Roberto Rivas to provide an online Masterclass on alternative financing for social-rural entrepreneurship.

In this session, our Head of Regional Development Mauricio O'Brien will give an overview of the different types, uses and existing combinations of crowdfunding, with a special focus on the social-rural context, showing how to scale from civic initiatives and how to combine them with public and private funds. If you want to learn more about crowdfunding in this specific framework, please register here now.

Alternative financing mechanisms via platforms, such as crowdfunding, have a fundamental basis connected to the development of community projects. They are also a very interesting tool for early-stage entrepreneurial projects, as they allow people to generate a first source of funding, while testing the value proposition and getting in touch with the first potential customers.

But, although nowadays crowdfunding platforms take care of most of the work, planning, launching and making a crowdfunding campaign successful is not easy and it is important to know all the necessary steps for a correct development of the project.

This activity is part of the 2022 action programme of the Eusumo Network. The Eusumo Network is a collaborative network promoted by the Galician Department of Employment and Equality for the promotion of cooperativism and the social economy, with funding from the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.

Learn more about this Masterclass here. Do not miss this opportunity and register now!

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