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Diane de Beaudrap, AngelHub Europe, AngelHub

by EUROCROWD on 07.06.2022

Diane is an IT engineer and entrepreneur who has worked in NGOs, startups, and consulting companies while living in many countries. Combining her passion to solve challenges and help local communities, she is driven by creating change and making it happen. She worked in Hong Kong for 6 years, being an entrepreneur and then joined WHub/AngelHub. She is now back in Europe leading the expansion of AngelHub in a new market. AngelHub is Hong Kong's first SFC regulated Startup investment platform. Her passion brings her to always contribute in different ways and she is co-creating, GlocAllia, a cooperative being transformed into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to support social entrepreneurs from emerging countries while ensuring shared governance and shared revenue in all we do, especially looking at retroactive impact investment approaches.

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