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by Joan Segura on 02.12.2021

Member’s name: Zaar


Email address:

Type of crowdfunding: Donation/reward-based crowdfunding

Country: Malta


They believe that great ideas should go far, and their mission is to provide the space for that. They strive to uphold their values to offer the best area for idea creatives and supporters to develop and contribute to projects.

The Malta Business Bureau and the University of Malta set up the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI), wherein Zaar is the first offering: a donation/reward-based crowdfunding platform to promote entrepreneurship in Malta and support local start-ups. Zaar is the only crowdfunding platform in Malta; it offers an alternative solution to raise finance for projects and business ideas. All campaign owners are given a bespoke service from pre-campaign to post-campaign to ensure they are supported throughout the campaign process.

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