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Produzioni dal Basso

by EUROCROWD on 02.12.2021

Member’s name: Produzioni dal Basso


Email address:

Type of crowdfunding: Donation/reward-based crowdfunding

Country: Italy


Produzioni dal Basso is one of the first platforms born in Europe, and it is one of the largest Italian online self-production communities. It does not deal with finding financers for a project but offers a tool for ideas to find funding on the net and among people. It is a platform open to all. Anyone can upload their project or idea on our site in the social, cultural, personal, product or service fields. Produzioni dal Basso is a reward and donation crowdfunding platform based on free donations (without reward). Therefore the projects indicated for this platform are only those that fall into these two types of categories.

Company name: FolkFunding srl Benefit

Date of establishment: 2008

VAT number: 08378490968

Social Media:

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