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by Joan Segura on 01.12.2021

Member’s name: The W-PLACE


Email address:

Country: Italy


The consortium has as its object in:

  • the creation of a physical and virtual place of action and collaboration (joint-working) between the enterprises of the consortium, and not only, in which to design, develop and transfer a new culture of Enterprise where start-up, scale-up and already consolidated enterprises in various fields, can work in synergy for professional growth, for the implementation of high-level design ideas and/or integrated, for strategic analysis, thanks to the expertise and network already consolidated of the entrepreneurs and to the innovative thrust of new businesses.
  • The start-up of activities aimed at the rebirth of the territory, also through the recovery and conversion of industrial structures as well as through the management of existing structures, with a new approach and sustainable use.
  • The creation and redefinition of physical and virtual workspaces, permanent, temporary, itinerant or widespread on the national, Community or international territory, also through the sharing of workspaces.
  • The creation and activation of high-level services to support consortia - and not only - active on the national, Community and international territory.
  • The functional design of fundraising at regional, national, Community and international level, according to calls for funding, crowdfunding campaign and tools for alternative finance.

Company name: THE W PLACE

Legal form: Consortium of Enterprises

Date of establishment: 26/11/2020

Commercial register number: TO - 1286674

VAT number: 12393120014

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