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by Joan Segura on 01.12.2021

Member’s name: CiviESCo


Email address:

Country: Italy

Description :

In accordance with Europe 2020's guidelines, CiviESCo's goal is to encourage local businesses and institutions to initiate a virtuous cycle of shared knowledge and a culture of innovation. Their aim is to establish and boost long-lasting "green economies" based on energy efficiency routines. CiviESCo focuses on core business areas such as Public-Private Partnerships, where investments are paid off by energy bill savings, Energy Audit, and Thermal Energy Account. They are actively involved in approximately 10 European projects funded by the European Commission, specifically addressing the energy efficiency of smart cities, smart islands, and specific buildings.

CiviESCo's main objective is to experiment with Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and Energy Service Agreements (ESA), along with innovative forms of financing such as securitization and crowdfunding. By exploring these approaches, they seek to drive innovation in the energy sector and facilitate the adoption of sustainable practices in various domains.

Company name: CiviESCo S.r.l.

Legal form: Private Limited Company

Date of establishment: 27/06/2016

Commercial register number: UD - 293503

VAT number: IT02860080304

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