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by Joan Segura on 25.11.2021

Member’s name: Wefunder



Type of crowdfunding: Equity, debt, or convertible instruments

Country: United States


Wefunder is the largest investment crowdfunding platform in the US by funding volume. Our mission is to allow anyone to invest in startups they love, and to provide improved access to capital for startup companies and small businesses of all kinds. We are a Public Benefit Company with a mission to fix capitalism by fostering entrepreneurship across historically underrepresented founders, geographies and industries, and to better distribute the gains from the success of those companies. We focus primarily on fundraises using Regulation Crowdfunding under the US securities laws, which were passed in 2016 and had major reforms passed in March 2021. We offer companies the option to fundraise using equity, debt, or convertible instruments, and we roll all investors in a fundraise up into special purpose vehicles for clean and efficient fundraises. We are now considering an expansion into the EU and are looking to better understand the European regulatory and business environment for crowdfunding.

License and permits: Wefunder Portal LLC (wholly-owned subsidiary) is a US SEC-registered funding portal.

Complaints procedure: SEC, FINRA

Company name: Wefunder

Legal form: US Delaware Corporation

Date of establishment: 2012

Social Media:

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