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by Joan Segura on 13.11.2021

Member’s name: Walliance


Email address:

Type of crowdfunding: Mixed Crowdfunding Platform

Country: Italy


Walliance is a real estate crowdfunding platform from Italy. Walliance serves as an online community for investing in real estate equity starting at €500, and enables real estate developers to receive funding directly from investors. The investments are denominated in EUR and are available for retails investors. The company behind the platform is Walliance SpA which was founded in 2016 with its headquarters in Trento, Italy.

Competent supervisory authority: CONSOB

License and permits: no. 19939

Company name:  Walliance SpA

Legal form: Walliance SpA

Date of establishment: 18/07/2016

Commercial register number: 02432640221

VAT number: IT02432640221

Social Media:

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