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Damien Guermonprez, Executive Chairman, Lemon Way

by Joan Segura on 04.11.2021

Damien Guermonprez is the Executive Chairman of Lemon Way and an equity investor in Financial Services and FinTech, sectors in which he has spent the major part of his career. As a passionate about innovation in financial services, he is co-leading the pan European payment institution Lemon Way. In 2014, he sold to a hedge fund the former Belgian

subsidiary of BNP Paribas Personal Finance he had bought 4 years before with Apax Partners. Previously, he founded and led 14 credit institutions, leasing and insurance companies, during the last 20 years. He was CEO at Oney Bank, the Auchan banking division. Prior to Oney Bank, he was the CEO and founder of Case Credit Europe. Earlier in his career he was a Finance Manager at RCI Banque, the bank of Renault. Former board member of BUT and Iéseg Management School. Damien received his MBA from Harvard Business School and his Ms in Finance from Essec.

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