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Webinar On Investments for Energy Efficiency For European Public Authorities (Video)

by EUROCROWD on 13.04.2021

As part of the ongoing CITIZEE project, on April 27, 2021 we organized the first out of six webinars on capacity building for European public authorities.

The goal of the CITIZEE webinar series is to guide and train European public authorities to scale up investments for energy efficiency in the building sector through attracting citizen private investments.

In the building sector, it is crucial that energy efficiency financing models are consolidated through innovative financing solutions that leverage the cooperation between all actors (project promoters, public/private financial institutions, end users), especially with citizens. Not only that, but it is essential to establish mechanisms that enable making more effective use of public funding, mobilising private financing towards large-scale energy efficiency programmes and helping to overcome specific barriers faced by energy citizens and communities’ projects wishing to invest in sustainable projects.

In the first webinar, we dealt with the ways in which European public authorities can scale up investments for energy efficiency.

The webinar provided an overview and introduction mainly for public authorities (municipalities and regions) on where and how to start when assessing energy efficiency investments.

Participants learned in this webinar about:

  1. the motivations and means behind different financial instruments,
  2. get hints for implementing and building their customized financing scheme, for
  3. launching large scale investment programs for the renovation of their buildings and
  4. attracting greater levels of private‐sector investments, namely from citizens and communities

Watch the full webinar here.


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