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To enrol as a Member, please fill in the following information and provide us with relevant additional details supporting your application for associating as a member of the European Crowdfunding Network.

You should consider joining the European Crowdfunding Network to:

POLICY – Give your ideas a stronger voice with ECN:

  • Help develop industry self-regulation and governance issues
  • Contribute to the voice of Fintech, alternative finance and crowdfunding in policy discussion and public opinion building
  • Access inside industry knowledge and exchange information with peers and stakeholders
  • Reinforce and leverage your professional image

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES – Enjoy the advantages of ECN Members’ exclusive position: 

  • Benefit from increased networking by actively participating to our international events (i.e. ECN Convention, ECN CrowdCamp, CrowdTuesday) and through peer-to-peer interaction
  • Become co-organiser and promoter of CrowdTuesdays in your area
  • Gain Access to speaking and training opportunities in ECN’s own and partners’ events
  • Gain visibility as speaker at ECN events and webinars, through our publications or in our policy work

CAPACITY BUILDING – Learn all there is to know about crowdfunding in your area:

  • Participate in ECN’s Working Groups or non-Executive Board of Directors
  • Receive information on European and national industry trends
  • Become a partner in specific initiatives through ECN’s EU-funded projects
  • Enjoy the possibility of creating business opportunities with public organisations

Our Platform Members are asked to comply with our Code of Conduct.  The relevant annual fees are needed from in order to ensure the success and longevity of the Network. We also encourage all our members to help with pro-bono contributions in order to build our expertise. You can cancel your commitment at any time, but  paid contributions will not be reimbursed. You will receive an invoice for the relevant amount. Please ensure you have also read the details of your membership benefits.

Membership Level

Please choose the relevant Membership level for your association with the European Crowdfunding Network:

1. Platform Member (€1,000/year)

2. Strategic Member (€1000/year)

2. Premium Member (€750/year)

3. Supporting Member (€450/year)

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