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by Sanja Lazic on 02.12.2021

Member’s name: BacktoWork


Email address: ti.cep@lrs42krowotkcab

Type of crowdfunding: Equity

Country: Italy

Description: BacktoWork is Italy's leading equity crowdfunding platform, which promotes investments in startups, SMEs and real estate projects, by both private and professional investors. The mission of the company is to create a virtuous circle capable of promoting, via innovative tools, the inflow of capital into small businesses, in order to speed up the growth of the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem. BacktoWork offers retail, professional and institutional investors a unique array of investment opportunities in high-growth and selected ventures.

Competent supervisory authority: Consob

License and permits: Consob authorization

Registration in the Consob register no. 12, resolution n.19102 of 14/01/2015

Professional liability policy N ° 380747053

Complaints procedure:

Company name: BacktoWork24 Srl

Legal form: Srl

Date of establishment: 11/06/2014

Commercial register number: MI - 2516201

VAT number: 12917981008

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