Christin Friedrich, CEO, Innovestment & Chair, ECN


Christin Friedrich is CEO of Innovestment (, the alternative financing and investment platform focused on long term sustainable impact finance for SMEs. Christin is also chairwoman of the non-executive board of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), based in Brussels. Together with other European platform operators, she advocates greater transparency, common standards and a fundamental understanding of alternative financing’s positive impact on the European economy and society. Christin is part of the ECN working group on sustainable finance and ECSP. As a member of the Technology and Innovation Committee of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce Christin contributes to the development of a digitization strategy for the city of Berlin and participates with great pleasure in the further development of administrative modernization. Christin is a certified financial investment broker (IHK). She worked for management consultancies in Berlin and Hamburg and co-founded a tourism start-up in Iceland. She was also a board member of InvestHorizon, a program of the European Commission to promote “Access to Finance” for small and medium-sized enterprises and is currently a steering committee member of the Blockpool project (SME blockchain use cases) and senior advisor of the Finnish Sustainable Investment Funds GreenMorrow.


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