ECN launches its second national multi-stakeholder working group in Spain (ECN-SSG)


Brussels, 25 June 2020, the ECN Spanish Strategic Group (ECN-SSG) has been officially established within the European European Crowdfunding Network (ECN). It is organized as a  multi-stakeholder working group which integrates various entities, with the aim of creating innovative scenarios and spreading the Crowdfunding culture in Spain.

The ECN-SSG is open to participation and brings together public authorities, development agencies, platforms, universities, private foundations and professional associations, whom add knowledge, contacts and skills to strengthen the existing national ecosystem along with the European connection that ECN provides.

The ECN-SSG does not intend to create a national association for crowdfunding platforms, but rather to create pan-European bridges with those organizations that participate in the crowdfunding ecosystem, therefore we have proposed:

  • Laying the foundations of the ECN-SSG in the areas of interest of the current members of the strategic group, framed in the context of Spain.
  • Develop a standardized training program for entities, companies, investors, NGOs and future crowdfunding professionals
  • Carry out a preparatory study for the implementation of a guarantee fund for crowdfunding platforms and the same for its implementation.
  • Identify potential opportunities to combine crowdfunding tools with European Structural Funds and other pan-European initiatives.
  • Evaluate and carry out a detailed monitoring of the Spanish and European regulatory framework, to provide updated information on the different national scenarios proposed and generate spaces for the debate on the public-private regulatory framework.

For more information or find out how you can participate, write to our country manager in Spain, Mauricio O’Brien


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