cohabiter – Virtual congress on collaborative housing (co-housing), 22-26 June 2020


ECN will join the cohabiter virtual congress to discuss the topic of the collaborative housing, focusing in the different areas as organization-management, financing mechanism, legal frameworks and

  • Event Date: 22-26 June, 2020
  • Event location: Online

Event weblink: 

The event  will be highlighting the European context for crowdfunding impact on the housing areas. Taking advantage of the recent publication of the CrowdHO study, within implementation of a crowdfunding scheme for building strategies from private and public entities, together with ART-ER, AESS Modena, Politecnico di Milano and Climate Media Factory, ECN and its members WeAreStarting and Civiesco. ECN will be presenting examples of projects related to help understand the basic criteria and the great challenges to create a cohousing project and it’s strong connections to alternative financing. It’s crucial for ECN to provide learning and tools as to promote communication and relationships within the topics as this, collaborative housing, which helps to investigate the paradigm shift that is looming for housing, cooperative and connected to committed communities in the context.


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