Survey on collective actions in energy transition and social innovation – COMETS


In the framework of the activities of the Horizon 2020 project COMETS – Collective Action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation, ECN invites you to take part in this survey, led by our project partner VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Belgium).

In line with COMETS’ objectives, this survey investigates on the impact of Collective Action Initiatives (CAIs) in the energy transition at national and European level. CAIs are citizen-driven initiatives (e.g. energy communities, cooperatives, purchasing groups) for the production, distribution and purchase of renewable energy, including energy efficiency. Particularly, the project focuses on six specific countries for case studies: Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain.

Access the survey here

The questionnaire is available in English and in the six national languages. The estimated time to fill out the survey is 20-25 minutes. The questionnaire is open until 31st July 2020

What are the expected results?

This invitation addresses the CAIs of the six countries, in order to gather information about their country-specific features, and to collect opinions on how COMETS could best support them. It will provide:

  • a deeper understanding of the different typologies of CAIs
  • an identification of the main factors that influence CAIs performance and success/failure
  • an insight into best practices and initiatives with potential of replication

Why taking part?

In return to their participation in the survey, CAIs will:

  • be part of a large CAIs network made of experts and organizations working in the field of collective action, within and beyond the national boundaries;
  • have access to the services provided by the Supporting Platform, among which forums, blogs, articles, regulation updates dedicated to energy transition and social activism in Europe;
  • be provided with knowledge produced by COMETS and with the main results of the project, from data on CAIs mapping and activity, to strategies and roadmaps for future synergies
  • receive invitations to COMETS events and involvement in COMETS future engagement participatory activities (e.g. visiting tours, scenarios and roadmaps building, etc.).
  • be involved in setting recommendations for policies and regulations in support to initiatives like yours.

Feel free to share this invitation with people or institutions that may be involved directly. For any further information, please contact



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