Heather Langsner, Consultant, Flat World Partners


Heather Langsner is an experienced buy-side analyst and portfolio manager specializing in the Industrials, Technology, Energy and Renewables/Cleantech Sectors. In 2015 and timed with the signing of the Paris Climate Accord she launched the first zero emissions equity portfolio called Carbon Zero for Groupe La Francaise in Paris.  In 2017 she launched the Carbon Resiliency Technology Impact Fund which is up to $50,000 AUM and outperforming the S&P by 1.18% last quarter with total outperformance of 8.20% since inception.  She has been a technical and sustainability consultant for governments in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC states and was a co-developer of the PS84 Rooftop Greenhouse in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Since Paris, she has been working in renewable energy direct investments and she is currently building a service at Flat World Partners that helps institutional investors to shift their assets to renewable energy projects and funds as part of this, she does due diligence on everything from residential solar + battery projects to large scale commercial and industrial wind and solar installations. She is a principal designer of the website Yves.Blue which calculates the impact of a portfolio in visual analytics. Heather holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Industrial Engineering at Columbia University and studied Chemistry with a focus on Environmental Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. She has been a speaker at the National Academy of Sciences, The American Chemicals Society and the United Nations Environment Program’s Conferences on Banking and Water. She is a CAIA Level I candidate and is learning Python in her spare time.


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