Successful launch of ECN training venture with 67 training certificates awared in 2019


Brussels, 17 January 2020 – The European Crowdfunding Network is pleased to announce the successful rollout of the training activities of the Italian Strategic Group (ISG) and its continuation within the network’s activities.

The joint venture was launched in February 2018 with a number of ECN Platform and Strategic Members, with the aim of fostering the emergence of a strong crowdfunding ecosystem in Italy, bringing together universities, public authorities, private foundations, and industry associations, and provide them with knowledge, contacts and skills as to support the creation of a culture of crowdfunding in Italy.

In order to deliver on such an ambitious objective, a full training programme has been designed by ISG Members. As to enable a comprehensive and gradual understanding of the topic, the programme foresees three different steps (Basic, Advanced, Professional), all of which include an “hands-on” session where participants can work together with platforms’ representatives. In order to access the following step of the training programme and to obtain the final certificate of completion, participants must successfully complete an examination procedure, which is designed and graded by ECN experts.

During the pilot year, around 100 people have attended the training programme and a total of 67 certificates have been awarded to successful participants. In 2020, ECN will facilitate the connection between trained participants and crowdfunding platforms, as to provide both parties with interesting job and recruiting opportunities.

ECN takes this opportunity to extend its best wishes and congratulations to participants to the training programme, as well as to ISG platforms and strategic members who have contributed to the success of the initiative.

More information on the Italian Strategic Group can be found here


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