Webinar: Crowdfunding for Deep Tech Startups in cooperation with InvestHorzion, 26 March 2020


ECN will deliver crowdfunding webinar on behalf of InvestHorizon, a programme financed by the European Commission and operating in association with Eureka, to facilitate series A funding for selected deep tech companies boosting their investment readiness and investor relation, on 26 March 2020, at 4p.m.

The webinar will help deep tech entrepreneurs to understand how crowdfunding can be used as an alternative form for financing innovation, and how it can be complementary to traditional forms of financing. It will highlight different crowdfunding models and explain which crowdfunding model is most suitable for certain projects or organizations. Further, the webinar will give practical advice which aspects have to be considered to run a successful crowdfunding campaign and how crowdfunding can be used to validate a potential market.

As an outlook we will include the views of investors and public authorities to this innovative form of financing by discussing trends in match funding and strategies for investment portfolio diversification.

What this webinar provides:

– How does crowdfunding complement early stage finance?
– Which crowdfunding model is most suitable for my project or organisation?
– What are essential elements to consider for running a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Join ECN’s Dr Conny Weber on the 26 of March 2020 and register here


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